bottles,caps,capper,hops,sanatizer Need new home

All grain sculptures, fermentation containers, or any other equipment

bottles,caps,capper,hops,sanatizer Need new home

Postby marcuskillion » Sun Sep 18, 2016 4:17 pm

don't brew much any more because I'm too lazy to bottle it up. I have about 10 cases 12oz i bought from what's brewin plus a few more from the liquer store .
I also have some columbus hops i grew. just picked and to put in freezer. Did not dry. Might be fairly bitter as I made a columbus SMaSH and it is quite bitter.
1 bottle capper
bag of caps
5 Lb easy clean
3/4 of a bottle of Star San

Make me an offer and come and get them. I like beer! I'd drink it and give you the bottles back. I also except money if I have to.
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