Bottle Bombs and Pasteurizing

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Bottle Bombs and Pasteurizing

Postby Abneya » Mon May 26, 2014 5:52 pm

Well... I always kill the yeast in my ciders chemically and keg them for carbonation. I tried my hand at pasteurizing via stuff I'd read on a few hombrew sites.

Basically, get water to 160 degrees and submerge bottles for 10 minutes. We've been out of town and when I got back the cider was on the highly carbonated side to begin with (this was before I pasteurized). I went to pasteurizing immediately.

I had a brief and blessed thought .... "What if these puppies pop because of the heat? I should put the hot water in my hot liquor tank and my mash tun to contain things."

Thats what I did... 160 degree water in the coolers and quickly submerged my bottled cider. Man was I glad I did - KABOOM!!!!

Watch and enjoy! (PS .. they are still going off as I'm typing)

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Re: Bottle Bombs and Pasteurizing

Postby joe » Thu Jul 03, 2014 5:21 pm

Holy cow, that's wild. Glad you're safe!
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